How It Works



  • My idea is technically feasible. It can be created with current practices
  • My idea is a community minded project. It is not an app or business plan.
  • I have thoroughly researched my idea to make sure it could work in the proposed location

My idea meets the Idea Submission Guidelines.

How Creative Suburbs works

  • Submit your idea
    It doesn’t matter if it’s a silly sketch of something, a crazy formula to bring people togething or “wouldn’t it be cool if…”, sharing your idea is the first step towards bringing it to the real world.
  • Help us decide
    There are thousands of ideas posted to Creative Suburbs every week. Depending which of these ideas are the best is in your hangs. Go ahead and vote on the ones you love, and help our designers make our cities better.
  • Our Monthly Ritual
    Every last Friday of the month, we gather a group of industry experts, friends and community members at our HQ in Melbourne. We debate on which ideas stand top of the pack and we decide on the next project to work on for the following month
  • We make it real
    Yes your idea may just start out with a few scribblings and a picture. But before long, it will be a real project on the streets. We use our in house designers to develop your project into reality
  • The world is a better place
    You have done, your bit. Let’s enjoy your idea and improve our communities.


Creative Suburbs focuses on ideas that activate your city, so no business ideas, apps, or products please. Always be sure to ask yourself: will my idea make our cities better, how will it work, how long will it operate for, and will people become involved in the idea? These are some of the questions we’ll be asking.

It’s not necessary, but it certainly helps. Community members often like a little visual stimulation to help them get a better feel for the idea. Photos, videos, diagrams, sketches — anything that tickles your fancy. Keep in mind that if you want an image to be visible on the submission page, it must be a JPG, PNG, or GIF format and under 10MB.

If your idea is good enough and has enough support it could very well be chosen for development (cue slow clap).

There are a couple of major steps on the road to selection:

Expert Review Each week, ideas that receive enough community support—or are chosen by a Creative Suburbs employee—move into Expert Review. During this stage, a group of industry experts meet to dig deep into the ideas and decide which ones have what it takes to move on to our ALL IN, our idea evaluation. If an idea makes it to Expert Review or ALL IN, but isn’t ultimately chosen to become a Creative Suburbs project, the initiator will be given feedback collected from the experts that reviewed it.

Eval is our ritual at the end of the project: a idea evaluation to help us choose which ideas will make it into development. We vote in-house and gauge the community feedback. Ideas chosen at ALL IN progress to the next stage of the Creative Suburbs process and are one step closer to becoming real projects.

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